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Mailbox Collect

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Mailbox Collect is a smart switch located within your mailbox.

Mailbox Collect will indicate when you have mail to collect.  You can view this status in the OPS Portal. The status is manually moved to “Mailbox Empty” when the mailbox is cleared.

Mailbox Collect is a robust solution designed for the Outback.

Mailbox Collect . . .

  • indicates when the mail has been delivered.
  • ensures the mail is collected from the mailbox at the earliest opportunity.
  • saves you wasting time driving to the mailbox unnecessarily.

Mailbox Collect uses the OPS Communications Network and requires the installation of a Communications Gateway.

Mailbox Collect is part of the OPS “Whole of Property” monitoring solution.

Mailbox Collect is currently available through the Early Adopter Programme.

What is in the box?

  • Mailbox Collect device
  • 10w solar panel and cable
  • How-to-Use Sign
  • Instruction Manual

Note: Mailbox Collect requires a Communications Gateway installation.

Note: Estimated product delivery 4 weeks.